Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dimensional Collage

I'm back from oblivion!
Due to my laptop taking foreeeeeeeeever to 
do anything and then finally giving out on 
me! I'm back in action on my new laptop.  
Now if only I can master Windows 8 ugh!

Dimensional Collage

 We recently did a project in my local 
dimensional collages.
We started with backing board
you could use book board, 
or heavy matte board.
Don't worry that it looks
ugly and incohesive at this point.
Begin gluing down your pieces using
quick drying adhesives and hot glue.

Add texture with stencils and molding
paste or heavy gel medium.

 Once its all glued down and dry add
 several coats of gesso.
 The more layers of gesso the
better (I added 3 layers on the one above).

 Once the gesso is completely dry I began
spraying it with my Color Mists which
are sprayable watercolors. You could
also use acrylic washes as well.
 To get the intensity of the colors
I spray and then use a heat gun
and dry in between coats
then repeat several more times.
 Once I was finished with the Color Mists
I used a magenta ink pad across the high points
of the collage along with a silver Krylon 
leafing pen to help bring out the details.

I also used a white paint pen to further
embellish it then  sealed it with

Here are two others I did also. The tree I used 2 tree die cuts stacked together and  glued and sprinkled tiny watch parts around the roots and watch gears on the limbs.

The lady I used doilys stacked for her dress and headdress along with lace and paper flowers.

Click HERE to see other ones 


  1. Aileen - these are so cool! Thank you for sharing the instruction! I might pull out some art supplies and try this fun technique.

  2. What a cool project! It's good to see you posting again.

  3. Awesome collaging. Is that word?

  4. These are so cool. It has my mind racing now!