Friday, October 19, 2012

Blue Glass Sculptures

Thanks to my friend Kris, I finally created a 
glass sculpture out of old vases, plates, jars 
and goblets!I started this at my her 
house and finished it at home with blue 
cobalt pieces I've collected through 
the years. Click HERE to view 
my friend Kris' glass sculputres.

Creating glass sculptures I liken it to playing 
a giant game of breakable Blockhead 
(do you remember that game?). 
The problem is that there a gazzillion
ways of stacking, unstacking, and rearranging
your pieces! If you think you will remember
how you stacked it, you probably won't!
 If you're anything like my friend and I, and 
you have a bad memory like we do,  my 
suggestion is to make sure to take a 
picture before you  unstack and glue 
your pieces together.

Here's a close up of the top part.
The glass star is a stopper from
a bottle I have.  The round the 
base of it are blue marbles. I 
adhered it it in 3 sections using 
waterproof silicone.

For more glass sculpture ideas 
check out my Pinterest board