Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creating a Chalkboard Journal Page

I just realized I had one more background 
technique to share with you from my Junque 
Journal How-To series. (click HERE to view it, 
and my other Junque Journal pages)  

With this background I began by painting both 
pages (side by side) with a layer of gesso.

Once dried I painted on the right side with craft
chalkboard paint.  It use to be that you could 
only find chalkboard paint in spray cans or in 
large size cans.  Now you can find it in small 
craft size paint bottles which is nice so it
doesn't go to waste.

Once you've painted your chalkboard paint and 
it has dried well.  Use a piece of chalk to season 
your chalkboard by scribbling on it then erasing it.

I decided to use my Portfolio water-soluble oil
pastels to decorate around the edges along 
with embellishing with paint pens.

For the left hand side of the page I first misted
my dried gesso page with Color Mists which 
are vivid sprayable watercolors. Then once the 
page was dry (heat guns works great for drying).  
I once again used Portfolio water-soluble oil 
pastels to draw a design. After I sealed 
the page with PYM II , I then further 
embellished with paint & gel pens.


  1. I love this idea. I want to make one for my desk. Maybe one for the kitchen too!

  2. What a cool idea! Love your colorful pages and I am going to steal the chalkboard idea!