Thursday, June 21, 2012

A trip down to So Cal

I recently returned from a trip down to Newport Beach
reconnecting with family and had a wonderful time.
Brought back many fun memories of spending 
part of our summer vacations down there with
friends and family as kids.
Here's a house after my own heart!
I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this
house on Balboa Island.  

One thing I didn't remember seeing as 
a kid was one of my favorite trees, the
Jacaranda Tree growing all over down 
there. I've only seen one here in Modesto 
growing.  I'd love to plant one in my yard!

We arrived just in time to go aboard my cousin's 
ultra 125' Cheyenne Catamaran which carries
the Virgin Oceanic a one-man submarine.
My cousin Chris Welsh along with his business
partner Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Mobile) 
plan to go down in the sub to the deepest 
point in each of the five world oceans.

Click HERE to read more about the 
Virgin Oceanic
Close up of the sub.

This hopefully gives you a good perspective of just 
how big this catamaran is. The mast height above
water measures 160'!  

Last year the mast was up in SF and needed to be 
moved down the road to another building which would 
have been very costly to have it moved. Instead they 
opted to move it themselves with a little ingenuity


  1. To think your cousin is a business partner of Sir Richard Branson......(who i have a teeny tiny crush on as only a happily married woman can) what a small!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. Cool info about your cousin.