Monday, April 16, 2012

Patina Petals

Patina Petals
I just love the copper patinaed look I achieved using the new Patina Collection Color Mist! Its a bit difficult to tell from the pictures but in person they have such a nice metallic glimmer to them.  Adding the copper washers and wire really adds to the real metal look I think.

Supplies Used:

Color Mists The Patina Collection
Paper Flowers
Copper Washers
Copper Wire
Wire cutters
Round Nose Pliers
Heat Gun

First step is to mist your 
paper flowers

Don't be afraid to layer your colors
and spray heavily. Between each layer
use the heat gun to dry your flowers.
To really get a nice build up of
color I do this 4-5 times until
I get the desired look I want.

Once your flowers are completely
dry stack and glue them together
with your adhesive.

Cut about a 2.5" inch piece of
copper wire and bend it in half 
making a loop at the bent end.

Stack your copper washers and 
adhere them together.

Feed your wire threads through the
center of your flowers and the washers.

Thread the wire ends through a bead
and spiral each end using the pliers.

These would make great 
embellishments for your art, 
scrapbook pages, packages 
and more!


  1. Another great project with very well written instructions!

  2. these are awesome! great tutorial, thank you for sharing.
    and thanks for the shout out on my giveaway too. very sweet of you. :)

  3. The copper washers are rally a nice finishing touch. These would be really pretty on a card. Thank for the stepped out directions.