Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lemon Marmalade & Free Lable

I feel like the Bubba Gump of Lemons as I find new recipes 
to make things out of all our lemons.  Today's recipe features
Lemon Marmalade...and boy is it tasty! Almost like a tart 
apple flavor.

I found two different lemon marmalade recipes Here,
and ended up using this one  HERE

I'm the type of person that likes to know the WHY of 
things and when the recipe said to wrap up the seeds and 
membranes in cheese cloth and boil it with the cut lemons 
I had to know WHY.  The why of it is that the pectin is in the 
seeds and it helps the jelly set up.

In the recipe they used Meyer lemons I just used regular lemons
I guess they are regular I have no idea what type they are I just
know they're not Meyer.  They have a thick skin on them so
I tried very hard to slice as thinly as possible and cut off any
parts that were too thick near the ends.

I never quite reached the temperature it said, but I
did do the wrinkle test as suggested in the recipe link 
above and it worked just fine.   I also added 1-2 tsps of 
cinnamon while it was cooking down.I tasted it first and 
decided it was missing a little something so add to
your taste.  I also added 3 tsps of vanilla at the end.

The marmalade got a little darker then I was expecting.  
I guess I thought it would stay bright yellow. It didn't help
that I had to step away for a moment and wasn't able to 
stir it constantly (I recommend staying) I noticed no 
change in the flavor so it was none the worse for wear.

Freebie Lemon Marmalade Label
Click the image, right click and save to your computer.
Resize to the desired size you'd like print, punch a hole
and tie a ribbon to it and the jar or use elastic ribbon.


  1. Thank you for the downloadable label, Aileen. You were brave to add and adjust a jam recipe. I've messed up more than few batches doing that!

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing....