Sunday, March 18, 2012

Funny thing...

Just had to share a funny blog and story....

My sister recently shared this blog Isn't That So Funny? with me saying isn't she funny....I read it, and was literally laughing out loud.  I then shared it with a friend even telling her that they were kindred spirits in the humor department. 
My friend asked me if I knew her and I said no but maybe my sister did...not even realizing that of course I did....long story short she was once upon a time a student of my mothers who became a life long family friend...I just had no idea that it was her blog I was reading LOL 

Her husband is an extraordinarily talented woodworker. You can check out his work here at the Mad


  1. OH Mad Woodchuck the guy standing on his head?! How cool this came full circle for you so fast. Her and I have many similar thoughts goin on! :)
    I betcha Doug would like this man as well.
    AND Los Gatos too! well, well?! It is a small freakin world. Maybe they are our doppelgangers?

  2. It really is a small world. And, it's always good to find something to make you smile or laugh.

  3. Hahaha! I just noticed that you wrote about her blog and thought "Isn't that so funny?" You and your art peeps ought to take a field trip to Los Gatos and meet up with Becky sometime. She is an extremely talented, creative artist herself.
    @Kris -I do think that Doug would like Kevin and I know that you would love Becky :-)