Monday, February 13, 2012

Groovy Kind of Love

Here's a piece I just finished to give to hubby for Valentine's Day using our wedding song Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins.  I gleamed the idea from which I of course discovered on Pinterest. On my piece though I wanted to give it a more aged layered look, so I first misted my blank canvas with  Color Mists (Copper Kettle, Tiger's Eye Brown and 22 Karat Gold).  I then Let it drip and run while I dried it with the heat gun and then sealed the first layer with PYM II.  Next after printing the sheet music I tore the edges around the entire piece sheet of music so it wasn't a clean line and then adhered it to the canvas using Golden's semi-gloss soft gel medium.  Once that was dry I misted it several more times with the Color Mists letting it run and drip as I dried it with the heat gun.  I then stamped using stamp and white and black gesso and gold metallic paint.  Dried it again with the heat gun letting some of the paint bubble up and then misted several more layers of Color Mists then sealed it completely with another layer of soft gel medium.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Knowing it was for hubby I had to keep myself from going overboard on it which was probably the hardest part.  I'll let you know how he likes it when I give it to him tomorrow.