Friday, January 20, 2012

Easy Peasy Felt Flowers

I just felt flowers.
Here's my easy peasy felt flower tutorial. 

One of the reasons I wanted a die cutting machine was
so I could cut things out of felt.  I started with my Sizzix 
BIGKick machine and used stiffened felt and a Sizzix
flower die.  Stiff felt or regular felt the Sizzix dies, and
the spellbinder dies cut through the felt like butter.

Here they are cut out
I layered them using tacky glue you can also use 
Fabric-Tac which is actually my preference but
I used what I had on hand.

Next add buttons (some I layered).

Click HERE to see my felt banner I made
a few years ago...sure wish I had the
BIGKick then!


  1. I have a die cut machine that I've hardly ever used. I need to dig it out. You've given me a bunch of new ideas for using it! Thanks, Aileen.