Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams
Awhile back I posted about these Camel Snus tins my husband brings me home from work (one of his co-workers gives them to him).  I'm always looking for a new challenge on how to use them.  Above is a piece that I finally finished up which I had started this past summer.  It was one of those pieces where you start on it, but then get stuck because your not sure what to do next.  When that happens I've learned to set it aside knowing that eventually something will come to me, and it did this past week.  The middle base is a Camel Snus tin turned upside down and the back of it is a lid from a Camel Snus tin.
And the mini tree is one of my bleached trees (click HERE to view my tutorial) that I colored using watered down paint. I wanted the tree to match the aqua paint I had used on the tin.

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