Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Starbuck's Christmas Card

2011 Starbuck's Christmas 
Coffee Sleeve Card
I almost didn't get this year's Starbuck's card made only 
because we haven't really been drinking Starbucks much 
this past year. A combination of  trying to save money 
and calories.But I was in Safeway on my way out, the
other day so I asked Starbucks for some coffee sleeves,
 but man was I disappointed in this year's holiday coffee
sleeves....they were a little too boring and plain for my
liking.  Good thing I was jazzing them up anyway.  

This is how it started out, pretty plain, eh?

I picked up a couple of packages
of tags this year at Micheals and 
they've been great for using as 
embellishments...they're glittery and 
dimensional with sticky squares on the 
backs that I've been able to remove  
and re stick them. Plus, I have the base of
the tag I can use as well. I'm all about 
quick and easy this year!
Here's the inside with some glittered cardstock added 
that I had already, and I added part of one of the tags 
inside (the reindeer).  I then punched a small hole and
added some silver stretching thread to tie it closed.

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  1. I'm always really impressed with your coffee sleeve art!

  2. Look forward to your coffee sleeve art!

  3. Nothing remains plain and boring if you get your hands on it!

  4. I've been waiting for your annual Starbucks card and you didn't disappoint me!