Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sparkling Berry Necklace

Sparkling Berry
~Sometimes simple
uncomplicated projects are the best~

Supplies Used

Clear 3D Crystal Lacquer
 White Brass Jewelry Blank (9/16 x 3/4 x 1/16')
"Viva Las Vegastamps!" (Slient Night Sheet Music Stamp, Star Stamp)
Jolee's Holly Glittered & Rhinestone Stickers
White Tags ("Viva Las Vegastamps!")

Candy Box ("Viva Las Vegastamps!")Extra Fine Glitter Dust
Chain with Jump Ring
Gold Leafing Paint
Card Stock
2 Way Sticky Tape
Stazon Ink (Red)

Step 1: Start with a Sakura Hobby  Craft jewelry blank, then cut one of the holly sticker's leaves off  so it will fit inside the blank.

Step 2:  Cover and fill the blank with 3D clear Crystal Lacquer and pop any bubbles you may have with a toothpick.
Step 3: VERY Lightly sprinkle extra fine iridescent glitter dust over the wet lacquer and allow to dry in a level dust free area.
Step 4:  Once the first layer is dry add another layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer filling in any areas that may need it and allow to dry.

TAG & Gift Box
Step 1:  Using red stazon ink load your stamp with ink and stamp your tag.
Step 2:  Using gold leafing paint stamp the star stamp  onto the candy box and allow to dry and repeat on the backside of the box as well.
Here is an example of both
the tag and the box.

Step 3: Cut a  1/4" cut on either side of the tag.
Step 4: Once your sparkling necklace blank is dry add a jump ring and chain to your necklace and slip the chain between each slit you cut.  Tape the backside of the tap to hold the reminder of the chain in place using 2 way sticky tape.

Step 4:  Place the candy box on card stock and trace around the box and cut it out inside the lines you traced.
Step 5: Apply your tag with the sticky tape to the card stock and slide it into the  candy box. You know have a fun gift for a friend ready to go!


  1. Who wouldn't love that necklace? Very pretty, Aileen. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  2. This is a wonderful idea, love the necklace & the presentation is awesome!