Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Cake

I just remembered it was safe to share this mini cake 
photo with you that I made for a friend's birthday.
I want to stress that I am not a cake decorator 
whatsoever I just wing it. I have found some 
helpful tools as I go along.  One of them is an 
icing sculpting set my hubby gave me for my 
birthday. That's what I used to create the
ridges around main part of the cake.

To bake my cake I used an idea I borrowed from 
pinterest where you bake mini cakes using food 
cans you've saved.  For this cake I used a large 
canned pear can and sprayed the inside with Pam 
cooking spray and then filled it 3/4 the way full.

For the flavoring I used packets of crystal light 
raspberry pink lemonade to flavor both the white 
cake mix and the frosting.

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