Friday, September 23, 2011

Banners, Flags, Bunting and Pennants Oh My!

I haven't been too creative as of late due to some major knee pain, but  after a couple of  cortisone shots  I'm finally feeling like my old self again!  Thankfully, my muse has decided to come back to visit me, and I finished up a project I'd started prior to my knee problems. 

I made a baby themed banner (aka bunting, flags, pennants--who knew there were so many names?!?).  I had wanted to put "Sleeping" on it instead of "Asleep" but it was just too long.  With this particular banner I started out by using  some jumbo tags that I had and covered them in scrapbook paper.

If you'd like to see other banners, 
bunting, flags or pennants I've made in the 
past  for inspiration click  HERE and HERE.

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  1. I'm just catching up on my blog reading. Adorable banner. And, now I know the answer to the question I just asked on your birthdat cake post.