Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recycled T-shirt Rug

Here's what I'm working on... 
the beginnings of a crocheted T-shirt rug.  
I've always wanted to make a rag rug but while browsing on Pinterest I came across various t-shirt rugs some crocheted and some braided.  I also came across this tutorial on how to make T-shirt yarn which I followed to make my yarn I used in my rug (I'm using a size Q crochet hook). I have to admit it's pretty cool to cut up a T-shirt and end up with one continuous strand of fabric when your finished! It almost feels like I preformed magic! LOL My problem now is that I have all boys and they all wear dark t-shirts mostly so after raiding their closets I've run out of brightly colored shirts, and will now have to hit garage sales and thrift stores to get the colors I want...darn it! ;-) 

Next I'd like to do a round rug, but it's been quite awhile since I've crocheted so I decided to start with a rectangle first and next I'll tackle other shapes such as this cute butterfly rag rug pattern

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  1. Very cool! Try Freecycle... or, if you find a bunch of white ones, dye them first! Doesn't matter if the color is all even if you are making a rug! This is even tempting me to crochet again.

  2. great idea, and I like the idea of dying the white ones, I do know that sometimes Tall Mouse sells 2nds for $1 each, or JoAnns or Michaels sells them 3 for $10. I would try garage sales as they are like 50 cents each at the most.. :) the different tones of one color would really look pretty... :0