Sunday, July 17, 2011

Create Your Own Inchie Book

I took the Inchie Book Challenge 

How to create Your 
Own Inchie Book:
  • I first punched out 10 squares using a 1" square punch.
  • Next I punched holes using a 1/8" hand held punch through the cover and then used the cover as a template to punch holes through each of the pages.

  • I then wound copper wire around a paint brush to create the coil for my book. I found the paint brush wasn't quite big enough so I then spiraled the wire around  a pencil and that was a much better size.
  • Next I inserted it through all the pages and holes I had punched then crimped the ends so it wouldn't come back out.

  • I finished my book by embellishing it with charms I hung off the wire binding and also added a mini domino bead to the cover and added the word create and sealed it with Crystal Lacquer(see image above).
Check out Every Inchie Monday 
to see other mini books or
take the challenge and create
one of your own!

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  1. What a cool little book, it's amazing that you put that much in an inch! Love it!!!

  2. I love this mini book and thanks for the 'little' tutorial.

  3. Great idea Aileen! I love the little brass fishing swivel you put on your sample. Would make a very fun and personal piece of jewelry!