Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Christy's Color Mists Background Pages

My gal pal Mz Christy has been having fun playing with 
her Color Mists using them on her journal pages.
She has very generously sent me some examples 
and a description of how she achieved each of 
her beautiful backgrounds.
Brushed Out
On the “Brushed Out” one, I used a ¾ inch flat brush (no real reason except this particular brush holds water well and has the right amount of spring) and sprayed Lime Jello, another green and blue (the highlighter one) on over the pages and while saturated, brushed vertically and then horizontally and used the heat gun to dry it.

CM Normal
This next one, Cm normal spray, is exactly what I usually do…spray the pages first with one color, in this case, the turquoise and then next with Copper Kettle while the other was still wet.  I used the heat gun to dry it by holding it away at first so it wouldn’t blow the colors around too much as I already liked the pattern, and then move closer to finish.  (Sometimes I tilt the pages and use the heat gun to move the colors deliberately but not one this one).

 CM Starbust
For the starburst pages, I started off pretty much business as usual with yellow all over, then orange (hi-lite) and magenta all while they were still very wet.  I took my brush and made sweeping motions from the center outward.  It’s subtle but I think you can tell.  I particularly love the colors on this spread.

White Final Spray
For the next one (the file name looks like white tit) but the pages were sprayed with lime jello, purple  and dried it.  Then I came back with Titanium White with a few quick bursts across the pages and dried.   I was pleased with how well the white showed up.

White Oil Pastel Resist
On this spread I used pink hi-lite, turquoise, purple and green but BEFORE I sprayed anything, I wrote over the pages with a white oil pastel.  I imagine a white crayon would

My last spread and probably my favorite technique last night, I sprayed four of my lightest colors and while still wet, laid deli paper on it (not carefully), let it twist a bit and picked it right back up.  I love the marbled look it gives.  Plastic wrap will do the same thing but the pages have to completely dry before picking it up and the colors will stay more intense but with the plastic wrap you don’t get the bonus of colored deli wrap to use later. 

I want to give Christy a big THANK YOU for taking the time to share her process...If you would please leave a comment and let her know how you like her pages, I know she would greatly appreciate it :-)

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  1. Lovely pages. Christy is a journaling queen!

  2. Those are such beautiful pages....I myself might have time covering them up with journal stuff! I can't pick a favorite...but I love that you wrote Faith is a friendship with God.....
    That is an awesome awesome CG quote!

  3. Wonderful techniques and descriptions! Can't wait to try these - I am especially enamored with the white resist! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. They're gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Christy.

  5. I LOVE these techniques! Thank you

  6. These are Great Journaling or Sketchbook ideas. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the CM normal. I feel like when the pages are decorated it really makes the journal more unique.

  7. I have had my Color Mists from here for years and never really knew how to use them. I thank you for sharing and encouraging me to finally try them out!! My problem has been that the bottles dont say what the liquid is made of and I do not know the best papers to use them on.