Thursday, July 07, 2011

Button Button who has the Buttons!

My friend loves buttons like I do and recently spied my button covered candles and encouraged me to post a picture of them.  The candle stick's themselves I inherited from my mother-artist, queen of re-purposing and altering things before it was all the rage.  Originally they were table legs that she had salvaged and re-purposed them into candle sticks.  I have fond memories of them growing up and really can't recall them not being in my life.  When we moved into our 100+ year old funky farmhouse 15 years ago I was bored with the way the candles looked and it was then that I got the wild idea to glue old and new buttons onto the candles using a plain old glue gun. Boy have they held up!

Here's an up close shot of
them. If your into buttons and button projects
I enable encourage you to check out and do a search for button projects and old buttons and check out all the fabulous pictures and projects! I warn you though its quite addicting!

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  1. Oooooooo.....I have a HUGE container of buttons that I started collecting last summer....I will be checking pinterest out! Thank you for the inspiration! I SO love your blog!