Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fabulous Workshop Weekend!

Had an awesome weekend taking a workshop from 
the fabulously creative Keely Benkey! You can
check out her creations HERE & HERE
Here are the faces I sculpted It was so relaxing! 
I originally was going to create a sun face but 
instead this purple elf emerged instead so I went 
with it.

My doll isn't quite finished yet but I knitted 
and felted the body now I have to put it 

Group shot of a few of Keely's funky dolls!

Christy's adorable giraffe and 
a combined effort doll by Bev 
and Keely.

Christy's second doll 
almost finished.

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  1. That purple elf is fantastic, so you! Isn't it great when things just show up! Is that Ms Kris I spy there with you front and standing center! Looks like a great workshop. xox Corrine

  2. What a great picture of all of you. I love Keely. I bet ya'll had so much fun in her class.