Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creative Chandelier!

Awhile back I posted the picture below of 
a chandelier I was in the process of making. 
I had started with a wire hanging basket that 
was meant for hanging and putting candles in it.

1. Originally it was cream colored, so I first spray
painted it pink and then added the 
crystals-wish I had thought to take a before 
picture...just think plain vanilla LOL

2. Next I removed the decorative covers over a string 
of outside party lights, wrapped each light with 
painter's tape, then spray painted the strand pink 
to match the wire baskets.
3.  Once that lights strand was dry I removed the 
tape and begin wrapping it around the wire baskets 
then I mixed up the decorative light covers from 
2 strands...inside the baskets I used metal can type 
covers and for the other lights towards the 
center I used flower covers. 
4.  Next I spray painted an extension cord the 
appropriate length and then hubby added a turn switch 
for me so I didn't have to unplug it each time.

Here is my chandelier all  lit up! I have to say my 
husband wasn't overly thrilled with it until he saw 
it lit up and then he loved it!

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  1. O Aileen!
    The chandelier is fantastic! I love it!

  2. It's gorgeous, Aileen! How fun it will be to sit out under those twinkly lights. Thanks for sharing the idea.