Monday, May 30, 2011

Porch Revision

Had a revision on the porch scene.  Hubby re hung the 
curtains in front of the shutters like I had wanted, and I 
swagged the curtains back. I'm thrilled with how it 
looks now :-)

Here's one from the outside of the porch looking in.

Hard to photograph but here's an up close view of the chandelier I'm making. I originally had traded it for something. It was cream colored so I spray painted it pink and added the crystals. Now I'm in search of some        opalescence beads to hang from it and just the right lights and it will be finished. I'm loving how its looking, the curtains and the chandelier are just how I envisioned it 2 years ago so its fun to see it finally come to fruitation.
The fun thing is that I didn't buy anything to do this....the curtains were from my office, the shutters from a friend who was getting rid of them and the chandelier base I traded for it, the new pillows and blanket are from my sister Kathleen who passed away. I kept them tied up in bag and couldn't bring myself to use them for the first year. They smelled just like her perfume and it was just too much of a reminder, but  now when I see them its like having a part of her out there with me :-)

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  1. I envision a field trip in June. hint hint.

  2. Such a great, inviting setting for long visits and comfortable chats.

  3. Aileen, this is just gorgeous!!!!! I love it, love it....xox Corrine