Thursday, May 05, 2011

Deli Paper Background Tutorial

Here's a slideshow showing how to create a deli paper paper background using Outside The Margin's Color Mists, that I created awhile back.

I'm often asked why I like using deli paper so much and it's because its so resilient...the type of deli paper I use is actually a sandwich wrap with a wet strength to it. What this means is that it looks and feels like tissue paper, yet its strong and durable. You can saturate deli paper and it doesn't rip or tear yet it's thin and some what translucent like tissue paper.
Supplies Used
White Gesso
Foam Stamps
Heat Gun
Step 1. Mist the deli paper using various colors working from light to dark
(Alternate using metalic colors to add shimmer and sparkle).
Step 2. Once your done misting the paper crumple the paper up to further saturate it.
Step 3. Mist further as needed while the paper is crumpled turning with each spray.
Step 4. Using a heat gun begin drying your crumpled paper--keep the heat gun moving so keep from over heating. As the crumpled paper begins to dry it will slowly begin to open up some--continue helping it open up as you finish drying the paper.
Step 5. Once the paper is dry smooth it out using your hands.
Step 6. Squeeze out some gesso on a palette, using a make-up sponge blot gesso onto your foam stamp and then begin stamping randomly onto your colored deli paper. **Tip-rotate your paper as you stamp to give it a more randomly look.
Step 7. Dry the wet gesso on your deli paper with the heat gun.
*Optional Ideas*
A. Once you dry the gesso you can mist the paper again and then dry with the heat gun.
B. Bring out the colors further by using chalk inks near the stamped gesso designs.
C. Stamp with gold leafing paint to give further depth once your gesso has dried.

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  1. I never thought of using gesso as a top coat. But hey, why not?! The results are gorgeous. Thank you, Aileen.