Sunday, May 22, 2011

Colorful Porch Clean up

Spent the morning getting things cleaned up 
from winter and ready for the summer weather.
Here's my colorful porch with new pillows and our
freshly painted rug. Each year hubby repaints it with spray 
paint and says he doesn't think it will make it one more 
season but it does. 
Here's my side yard put together with bi fold 
doors scavenged from my friend and the children's
bench my hubby and son found in pieces along side
the road.  They brought it and the white table behind 
it home. Painted, fixed and put it back together 
good as new!
Sitting area

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  1. I would like to come sit a spell in your sitting area. It looks wonderful.

  2. What a beautiful and happy front porch; and your sitting area is delightfully pleasant and comfortable looking.