Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy Bake!

I was a cooking maniac this weekend! Besides 
cooking for my son and daughter in love to 
put in the freezer for when our grand son is born
I cooked for Easter as well. I knew all that practice 
with my Easy Bake Oven would pay off!

I made more cake pops but without the pop! I
followed the basic recipe HERE from Alisa Burke.
but instead of chocolate I baked a strawberry 
cake and used strawberry frosting, yum!  I also
rolled them into balls and then used spoons
to plunge them into the melted chocolate!

The other thing I made for 
Easter morning is Monkey Bread.
I followed this recipe HERE
Let me tell you this was sinfully 
delicious an EASY and I will now be 
making it for every holiday 
occasion and then some!

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