Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Early Bird Birthday Crown Tutorial

Here's an Early bird birthday crown I made for my niece before she went back to college at Notre Dame.  Since this is her 21st  birthday we wanted  to celebrate with her before she left, so my other niece and I made her this crown.

Crown Tutorial
Step 1: Adhere newspaper to canvas or watercolor paper using matte medium or semi gloss.
Step 2: Dry with the heat gun.
Step 3: Using acrylic paint stamp with your chose of stamp.
Step 4:  Continue to add more layers by stamping over previous stamped image using a different stamp and paint/ink color.
Step 5: Thoroughly dry acrylic paint with the heat gun, then spray with Margarita 
Magenta Color Mists
Step 6: BEFORE Color Mist is dry sprinkle with extra fine iridescent glitter dust (glitter dust will adhere to anything wet).  Again dry with heat gun.
Step 7: Choose a crown template or make your own template.
Step 8: Trace crown template onto backside of the newsprint covered paper.  Make sure you move the template down and continue to trace until paper is filled (you may need to cut 2 depending on head size). Then cut out.
Finishing Your Crown
Embellish your crown adding paper flowers, letters, stickers, buttons, charms etc.  Punch a hole on each end add ribbon through each hole and tie ends together.
Click HERE to see 
more crowns.


  1. Aileen,
    you are such a sweet potato! I love the crown. I like it tons that you post tutorials - I am going to copy cat your technique, but not for a crown because I am a copier, but not that much.
    Have you ever used a UV lamp for drying? You can walk away and not fool around with the noisy heat tool.
    Frees up time for a glass of wine...

  2. Love your crowns! I still have the crown you made me last year. You're always very generous with your tutorials.

  3. Every birthday girl needs a crown - no matter her age ;-)

    Thank you for the tutorial.