Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Proud Member of the DWA!

The other day we got to talking about our messy least for some of us.  No matter how clean we start out, it dwindles down to about a 4 inch area.....I use to think it was only me but then I happily discovered that this phenomena happens to many artists I know!  The why is not known it just happens without planning!

Now I know there are going to be people that may think that I actually snuck into their art area and snapped a picture, but I swear on my brushes that it is my own space I'm revealing!
Here's an up close picture I actually feel like I have a ton of space here because usually its down to about an 1 -2 inch area!

So tell me are you a member of the DWA 
(Dwindling Workspace Association)?

If so display this badge 
proudly on your blog 
and don't be afraid to 
leave a link to a picture 
of your workspace 

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  1. Here is mine LOL!

  2. You just being a Brattypants LOL

  3. HEy Aileen!
    I'm a proud DWA member! I know why mine disappears tho... I love having everything close at hand and visible to inspire me. If I had a clean area, I'd be stuck... LOL!

  4. Not only am i a closet member of DWA, my 14 yr old niece, who is an avid crafter and blogger - already has succumbed to DWA.

    thanks Aileen for raising our plight. we should have a benefit.

  5. I think I'm more dwindled/disappeared than dwindling.