Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gothic Skull Birthday Theme

Today I got my creative on baking a black cake
 in my Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan!  I know I've said 
it before but I just love this pan I have used the heck 
out of it in the year that I've had it! 
Yum doesn't that look tasty! It actually was a delicious 
mocha flavored with black paste food coloring added.

Here's the finished product! The skulls are actually plastic 
toy skulls that I happened to have and I then used some  
Krylon silver leafing paint to  help pop the design in 
the skulls. I also used the leafing paint on the 
candle since it was blue and white stripped and 
needed to match! I had whole black, white and silver 
theme going on. 

Next I made a flocked zebra skull crown to go with the cake
and the previously posted Gothic Sweet 16 ATB  
I made as a gift.
All in honor of my friend 
Mz Brattypants' 

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  1. Super fun! She is adorable. She looks like a party on wheels! Bet she loved her chunky!