Sunday, January 30, 2011

A gift for a friend

I was recently sent a surprise in the mail and it arrived in a nice sturdy Sew Chic Notecard box which originally held note cards of French Button Cards from the Art Deco era.  It seemed ashame to not do something with the box, so I decided to make something for the friend who originally sent me the box.

Here's the box closed. I added a couple 
of buttons on the front-I used a smaller 
button under the larger top button to 
act as a handle.

 Inside I added  background paper and colored the inside of the box with one of my favorite pens, a gold krylon leafing pen.   I also added border sticker paper inside the top and bottom of the box. I created the dress using an old dress pattern that I tore strips of and glued down in overlapping pieces onto some canvas paper.   Once the paper dried I sketched  a dress and cut it out and embellished it.  The hanger I made from some wire I had. The "Girls Night" plate on the front is from a Making  Memories package of their Eclectic Metal Plates that I've had for awhile sitting out on my work area just waiting for me to find a purpose for it. I love when a I don't necessarily have a plan but I do have an idea and it all actually comes together.  The last thing I was going to add were some button feet on the bottom of the box, but with the lid open it made it very top heavy so I scratched that idea.

Hope this inspires you to create 
something of your own :-)

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  1. What a lovely creation! I know the recipient will really appreciate it!

  2. She will love this. I love all the little details you put in.

  3. What a beautiful shadowbox....someone will be a very lucky ducky!!!