Monday, January 03, 2011

Artist Trading Block Valentine

Valentine Chunky ATB 
(Artist Trading Block)
I'm hosting an Valentine Themed Artist Trading Card/Block Swap. Here's my first one I used one of my weathered wood blocks that happened to have a wood dowel sticking out of it which I immediately saw as a bird perch to me.

Valentine ATB Swap
If your interested in swapping 2 for 2 Valentine Themed ATB Blocks 
email me and I'll partner you up with either myself or someone else.  Mail date is 
February 5th so please don't sign up if you aren't sure you can make the mail date.

If your interested in purchasing pre cut, sanded 
Chunky ATB Wood Blocks either fresh or weathered 
wood click HERE to order

Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


  1. Holy tacos. You're done! Ok, this day job of mine is really interferring with my creative time. BTW, I love your chunkies.

  2. You've set the bar pretty high; I'm really looking forward to getting started on mine.

  3. Love these!! Beautiful BLOG! Your valentine blocks are awesome! I am very fond of valentine's day and collect vintage valentines! I am now following your blog. (I hope you will visit my blog too and follow if you like what you see. :)"

  4. Hi Aileen...
    I think you've created a bit of a sensation with this swap! I Know that I went right out after your post yesterday and had blocks cut... then I saw mentions of a similar swap showing up in yahoo throughout the day :)
    You trend setter :)