Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Picture of the Day 11-03-2010

It's so nice to be told your appreciated and thanked once in awhile!  After a particularly rough day with all the males in my household, my sons and hubby gave me these 2 beautiful cards and a flower from my son's garden. The nice gesture went a long way to redeem them after their escapades! The vase hubby made from found objects tossed at work, I think it's a pretty cool looking vase :-)

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  1. Very cool vase. Men..when they surprise us and appreciate us they make us melt. But yes, they need to do it more often after all they need constant reassurance and praise. lol

  2. Definitely redeemable actions to come up with such treasures.

  3. Ya just have to wonder at times, if they really get it? We just shake our heads and go on and then something like this happens. Then ya wonder, did they just get it? After a minute goes by, you just shake your head and go on.