Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sheet Music & Recycled Starbuck's Bird Ornaments

 The original inspiration for the bird ornaments below started from this paper bird ornament I found hanging on a tree at the store.At first I thought I would make them out of stiffened felt sheets, I did tried it  but they were too plain looking.What I really liked about the bird ornaments I originally saw was the sheet music they used on one side.  I still like the idea of felt but I think I'd like to actually make some and stuff them.

Paper Sheet Music Bird Ornaments
For the above ornaments I  first downloaded a bird template HERE.  You can print them out onto decorative paper, but I decided to print out only one and use it as the template and then traced the bird shape onto decorative cardstock so that I could get several birds per sheet of cardstock.. 

After I cut them out I ran them through the 
Xyron and then laid the adhesive side onto 
Vintage Sheet music I had scanned. 
(click HERE to save and download a 
copy of the sheet music.)

Once the sheet music and cardstock were adhered I cut around the bird shape and then added silver glitter glue.  I just used the cheap glitter glue found in the craft section at the store.  You can use German glitter glass  or any loose glitter.  I think I would have preferred the sprinkle glitter because the glitter glue took FOREVER to dry!

After they were Finally dry I punched two small 
holes to tie the jingle bell on for the eye and 
for the hanging ribbon.

Upcycled Starbuck's Bird Ornaments
Again with these I used the bird template I had previously 
printed out (see link above) and traced around it on
on a open coffee sleeve from Starbucks (see below) 
then finished it off by embellishing them.
For the last 4 or 5 years I have been using Starbuck's Christmas coffee sleeves to make cards and other projects with.  I actually look forward to seeing what each year's sleeves look like.  They usually have a saying on the front that will lend itself well to making it into a Christmas card.  Click HERE to view some past projects using Starbuck's coffee sleeves.
Here I've used a Christmas themed Starbuck's 
paper coffee cup to make a paper bird ornament.  
I just cut the cup down the seam, tore off the 
bottom and traced the bird onto the cup then cut.

Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


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  2. Love your birds! You are, as always, very generous with sharing instructions.

  3. Thanks for this great post. I really like these paper sheet music bird ornaments. What a cute idea.