Monday, October 04, 2010

76lbs and Counting!

Happy Fall!

I'm thrilled to share that as of this morning 
I've lost a total of 76lbs since January. I was 
stuck on a plataue for awhile but I finally broke it. 
I still have a lot more to go and sometimes 
it seems surreal when I think about how 
much I've lost.  

I've been following Weight Watchers.  I'm  
asked sometimes if its hard and about 90% 
of the time it isn't. WW for me is easy to 
follow.  I do have times where it's hard,
but when I started this it was more then 
just to loose weight it was to also eat 
 healthier and I am definitely doing that.
There are times I get weak and want to 
just splurge on what ever, but I have a 
really hard time doing that if I am able to 
read the  package and can visually see how 
many fat grams, sodium and calories 
something has in it and that pulls me back 
from the edge! 

When I'm needing to splurge I treat myself to a 
McDonald's frosty its only 2 points though maybe 
not the healthiest, I can think of worse things 
to eat.  To me its like eating clouds, 
76I love them! LOL

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  1. Congratulations Aileen! What a huge accomplishment.

  2. YOU ARE AWESOME! I am very proud of your efforts.
    Yay YOU!

  3. Aileen...fantabulous !!!!!!!! congratulations !!!
    :) Ann

  4. Congratulations, Aileen! You're a rock star! This is an amazing accomplishment. I lost 45 pounds using WW last year, and I know how tough it can be sometimes.