Thursday, September 09, 2010

Motivating Cool Weather

 With the cooler weather we're having I've been inspired and motivated to finally paint our front door, it's been a long time coming.  First I had to wait for hubby to fix it and prime it and then I had to wait for the motivation to move me to do it....summer weather is definitely not motivating weather for me!  Above is what the door originally looked like and below is a picture with the's been that way for the last year!

 Here it is now with my base color which is a mixture of Teal, white and a light blue to give it a sky look.
This picture doesn't really do the colors justice its more vibrant then it's showing.  I originally had sketched out a design (click HERE to view it) I wanted to paint but I'm not so sure now I'm still mulling things over.

 As I further paint I'll post more pictures so stay tuned.

You can click HERE to view door updates!

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  1. I love the ide of you designing your door - great project!

  2. Wow- That's going to be striking! Can hardly wait to see the finished product. :)