Saturday, August 07, 2010

Art Peeps take on the Paris Flea Market!

Peeps Doing the A-Leen Pose!
Had a fun meet-up with my Art Peeps at the Paris Flea Market in Livermore, California. They said on their website it was a was a warehouse, but it was just a wee bit smaller!  Hey we had a great time after all they had antiques,collectibles and great ideas so how could we go wrong....I think in fact that we each walked out with something except for maybe one person LOL
8-7-10b 8-7-10c 8-7-10d
I loved the Paris themed walls in
the place, that was fun!
After a exhausting time shopping we had worked up an appetite and had a delicious lunch at Papa Eddies in downtown Livermore...I'll spare you the details of our few minor wrong turns who knew there was an old First street and a regular First street what the heck!
8-7-10e  8-7-10f
Papa Eddies was a swanky decorated place with a menu that severed as a history guide of foods across the nation....the food was delicious! After our meal they served us cotton candy in bowls and instead of after dinner mints they offered Pixie Sticks!
Next we visited a few stores in
downtown Livermore

Here Vicki stands in awe as
Kris does the Zippty Do Dah Dance
because we found a parking space!
Now I need your help while at the Paris Flea Market we discovered a painting and would love to know who the artist is who painted it...I just love the almost floating eyes! If you happen to know please leave a post.
Below is the signature which I cannot
make out, but maybe someone else can.


  1. Oh my!
    Did you know that Doug or Travis....has an app on the iphone or droid...whichever (one has one the other has the other), that you take a photo of a piece of art and it finds that art and maker on the internet?!!! it's true! We tested it and it works.

  2. What a fun-filled day for all of you! Every time I see that photo of the bowl of cotton candy, I chuckle. What a funny and unique dessert to serve. (I love cotton candy, by the way.)

  3. Hi Aileen!
    We're SO HAPPY you and your peeps were able to come out to see us! Hope to see you next time too!

  4. You and your PeePs should take another excursion to another warehouse in Walnut Creek. Room With A Past is having their 4 day opening for the month of August. It is full of Vintage home decor, furniture, Collectables and clothes too.
    We'd love to see you gals!

  5. Its very amazing and wonderful picture share here.Some good vintage furniture,interior and clothes for sell..