Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teesha Moore Inspired Fabric Panels


 I cannot believe I started these fabric pillow panels way back in May for a swap.  I just now finished them finally...I had like 4 more to do plus some embellishing but I just kept putting it off...not sure why since I really enjoyed doing all the hand sewing on them.   The swap was inspired by some Teesha Moore videos.  She recently posted a cool purse using the fabric panels HERE.  I love this idea so who knows maybe this is what I'll do with mine I haven't quite decided yet.

Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


  1. The possibilities are endless with these babies. They're all delightful.

  2. Very pretty. Yes they would make a lovely purse, or pillows, or a quilted wall hanging, or ...

    I think many of us don't allow ourselves to do what we enjoy, saving it for a reward when we finish all the things we feel obligated to do.

    Glad you finally picked these up again ;-)

  3. I really like these. The colors are great!
    Be sure to make something with them :)

  4. those are really cool fabrics, something I would love to have in my stash...

  5. ooh, how pretty! what size are they? you did an awesome job on them!