Monday, July 26, 2010

Calendar Grlz July 2010

I feel like I haven't done much art 
lately, but I did manage to get some 
art journal pages finished this month.

Since the round robin I'm in didn't have quite enough people we get to see and work in our calendars midway through the RR. It's has been fun to see what others have done before I send it back off for round 2.
 Water Soluble pastels 
and Color Mists

 Pen and watercolor

Magazine Packing Tape Transfers

Click Here to view my previous pages. 

Have you done any art lately? 
I'd love to see it, leave me a comment 
with your link to it :-)

Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


  1. I like these :)
    Love you BIG TREE.
    looks like you did some journaling to me

  2. Thanks Joanne and Kris! It was a nice day at the Big Trees I was inspired by all those BIG trees while I was sittting there :-)

  3. Lovely journal pages. Wish I had some to share :-(

    ... but I have some in process ;-)

  4. Great pages, Aileen. I have some journal pages at

  5. Thanks so much Lizebthem, I really enjoyed looking at all your journal pages thanks so much for sharing them!

  6. superbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    bravo md