Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zucchini Cheddar Cheese Bread Recipe Card

(Thanks to a blog visitor that brought it to my attention 
I have revised my recipe card-I had left off ingredients, sorry everyone!)
Freebie Recipe Card
We had an abundance of zucchini from our garden already so I shocked my family with some whole wheat zucchini cheddar cheese bread! I changed it up some by using whole wheat and flax seed.  You can adapt it to your liking as well.

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  1. great looking recipe (and, a good use for zucchini, which is not my favorite vegetable).

  2. It sounds both yummy and healthy. Thank you!

  3. Nice idea, but the recipe lists the same ingredients on both sides of the list. How many eggs? How much zucchini, any baking powder?
    Maybe it's just my computer...

  4. Sorry, I see the baking powder - twice, but the eggs? and zucchini?

  5. Thanks for updating the pretty recipe card, Aileen. This sounds like a really good bread using one of my favorite veggies. I'd love to see this amazing garden of yours...