Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maker Faire 2010

We finally made it to the Maker Faire this year.  We've been trying for the last 3 years to go.  What is the Maker Faire? It's an exposition with workshops and 6 pavilions, and 5-acre outdoor midway, over 100 exhibiting Makers, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and DIY competitions held in San Mateo, California.
Here's a few pictures from our excursion
yesterday at the maker faire.
(Click the pictures to enlarge)
mf5 mf6 mf7
Steampunk Bicycles
mf8 mf13 mf14
Working butterfly car with flapping wings and all! Altered Zombie Car Adorable Altered Trailer and car!
mf3 mf4 mf10
Steampunk Gizmo Girl Who ya gonna call Ghostbusters Altered Tractor
mf11 mf2 mf12
Welded Sculpture Fire Sculpture Robo Bots
mf1 mf17 001
Metal Bug Sculpture Steampunk Snail Car Electrified Jellyfish
mf15 mf16
Motorized Cupcake Gotta love these 2 signs!


  1. It looks so cool. I really must look into checking out the Detroit venue (2 to 3 hours away, but looks worth it).

  2. I"ve been aching to check this out for a couple of years now! Dratted work... ; )
    Love the pics!

    I recently discovered that I am a closet Steampunker... I have to live vicariously through my dolls... sigh... lol!

    Trying to finish one up now, so I can submit her to a couple of things- online doll newsletter and a book based on Steampunk. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Take it easy Aileen!