Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Day 120 Erosion Bundle Project

  I previously posted about the Erosion Bundle Project    
started by Kris Henderson back in November and 
most recently in April when I took down two 
of my bundles and opened them.

   The above package I didn't hang up until 
January 4th, 2010 so I decided to leave 
it up longer.

In April when I took down my other bundles 
(You can click HERE to view them) I was a little 
disappointed that not a lot of erosion happened 
because they were too well wrapped.  The above 
bundle is definitely deteriorating much better 
being open to the elements like it is.

Here is the backside of the bundle and you can 
definitely see the copper against the metal 
mesh is causing some definite deterioration!

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  1. It will be fun to see how this eroded batch ends up.

  2. Great idea, Aileen! My bundle didn't change much either. It was definitely wwrapped too well. I'll follow your example for the next one.

  3. The metal mesh was a wonderful idea. It allowed nature to work its magic!