Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Erosion Bundle Project Finale

Way back in November I posted about the Erosion Bundle Project (click HERE to read about it and see before pictures).  That was about 5 months ago give or take and I decided today since the sun was shinning and things had dried out from the rains to finally open 2 of my bundles.  I have a 3rd one but I'm going to wait a bit longer on that one since I put it up later.  I don't really know what I expected except I think I expected them to be even more eroded.... I also hoped that everything wasn't full of mold..well there is some mold, but I think once things sit out in the hot sun for awhile it will be okay.  I love how some of the copper started to patina.  It was an interesting experiment at the very least.
Here they are cut down before I unwrap them...
erb-2  erosion1 
I loved how this picture turned out!
erosion2 erb-4

Now to figure out what I'm going to create with some of the stay tuned.


  1. OH!!! Love your stuff! Amazing how much stuff survived...especially with all the rain. Looking forward to seeing what you create with it.

  2. I will enjoy seeing what you do with all these eroded things.

  3. I thought papers would be turned to pulp, or at the very least, shreads. Amazing how they all helpd up so well!

  4. How fun to see the unveiling of these. I remember when you hung the packages out. I'm glad I caught this post and I'll be back to see what you do with all this neat ephemera.

  5. This is where the fun begins. Hoave fun with your bundle.

  6. This is really exciting. I look forward to seeing what you create from all these pieces.

  7. I love how your turned out! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.


  8. I hope this links back to my Flckr erosion pic.

    Great fun taking part in this project. Lovetostitch.xx

  9. Looks like you have a lot to work with here and it will be great to see what you make with the materials.
    This has been so fun and I will check back and see what evolves.