Thursday, April 01, 2010

Strawberry Spring Cake Recipe Card

I was inspired yesterday to be creative in the kitchen! I made a yummy strawberry cake for my family.  Since I'm on Weight Watchers (30lbs so far!) I only took a bite for taste only and I must say it was delicious! 

 Printable Recipe Card

I was also inspired after participating in a recipe swap recently to create a printable recipe card for you to download and use.  Just double click on the above recipe and then save to your computer.

Artistic Inspirations to
help you create!


  1. That's such a cute recipe card, thanks for posting!

  2. Great art! Great recipe! And congrats on 30 lbs.!! That is wonderful!!

  3. Yummy mummy that looks good! Man lady, pass me some of your will power!

  4. yum! and, big congrats for becoming smaller!

  5. Thank you, Aileen, for the recipe card and congrats on quite an achievement!