Friday, April 30, 2010

Enchanted Adornments Book Review

 Now days when it comes to book and magazine buying I'm much more selective on what I actually buy.  Gone are the days where I had to have any new book that came out. More often then not I will look through the book or magazine at the bookstore and feel inspired but not usually enough to purchase the book.   Not because they are bad books just because I've gotten much more selective on my book buying.  It has to have more then one project I feel compelled to make or have several techniques that I really want to learn.  So when I picked up Cynthia Thorton's Enchanted Adornments book I was  very drawn to it but reluctantly put the book back.  When after the third time of going to the bookstore and feeling myself drawn to her book again I decided I HAD to get it!

Enchanted Adornments is a wonderful addition to your book collection if you're a mixed-media jewelry artist looking for something uniquely different.   It offers polymer clay, precious metal clay, and resin jewelry projects.   Is it for a beginner? I would say not.  If you haven't already worked with these mediums or at least a couple of them I would recommend getting some more experience under your belt (unless your one of those people that can pick up on things quickly).  It is also not a step by step manual but more an inspirational magical whimsical book of ideas!  Cynthia combines her love of storytelling with her love of creating enchanted jewelry beautifully! I've found it to be very inspiring for me.

Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


  1. Thank you for reviewing this book. I've thought about getting it a few times - but since I buy 95% of my books at Amazon, it's difficult to fully evaluate each volume. I'm so glad to know your opinion and now can't wait to check it out myself. Thanks! BTW - I hope all is well with you! xx

  2. I've seen it and will have to go back for another look. Thanks for the review.