Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Banner for a baby!

It was a banner day for me (hey is that booing I heard!) the day I finished this banner for my friend's grandbaby. It matched the baby's room perfectly and was such fun to make something girly :-)
Did I mention what a cutie patootie baby Kenley is and how wonderful it was to hold a new baby-it's been awhile :-)

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  1. That is so pretty and girlie!...and pink!!! I love it. that a man's name made up for a girl??? (private joke).
    ha ha. ;)

  2. Kenley a beautiful Irish name, means the royal meadow. Thanks for the beautiful banner, her parents and grandparents love it.

  3. I think Kenly is a lovely name and want to make sure you know that the joke was in reflection of a comedian's show we attended that spoke of how names are given to children.
    I meant no disrespect. Really...just in case you thought so :)

  4. What a treasure for the baby and her family. It's a delightful banner.