Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fractured Cupid Tales

Meet Granny Cupid my newest whimsical character I just finished drawing and cleaning up.  She's quite the teller of dented love stories. Just a bit of warning here her cupid's wand can get a bit wonky at times though she does have the best of intentions. . .

Granny's arrived just in time for 
Valentine's Day to give you some 
of her warped sage advice:

"Love is like buying on ebay...it sounds 
really good in the description until it arrives 
at your door--Deal with it!" -Granny Cupid 
"Husbands are like your favorite underwear...
just when you've broke them in it's time to 
throw them out!"-Granny Cupid
"Love is like bad breath...deal with it!"
-Granny Cupid

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  1. I love your Granny Cupid. Her advice is priceless.

  2. She offers great advice! And, she looks like someone I'd enjoy talking to.