Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fabulous Dollar Store Find!

Rosettes made by Debi Boring

Last week I met up with some art friends-isn't it great when you can get together with like minded friends who "get it" there's nothing better!  Anyway I digress... my friend Debi shared some rosettes she made from some sparklie tulle she bought.  But this wasn't just any sparklie tulle!  She found  fun little (I do mean little!) glittery fairy skirts at the Dollar Tree store!
Here's a picture of the fairy skirts as is (there are 6 colors in all). It's hard to tell in the picture but each skirt has strips of the tulle hanging down connected to the elastic around the skirt. The strips are the perfect width and length for the rosettes!  Of course a trip to the Dollar Tree store was in order before we headed home! We had to find those fairy skirts!  I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I just HAD to have them who can resist glittery tulle!!

Here I braided three strips of the tulle together and then began rolling and gluing as I  rolled. The hardest part for me was trying to be neat about the glue!


I folded the strip over and did a quick loose basting stitch then pulled on the threads to gather the tulle.  Trust me I am not a sewer so if I can do this you can too!

On this one I didn't fold it over but just did a basting stitch and gathered. I personally like the more finished look of the folded and stitched tulle.

Here you can see I used pinking shears to cut out a disk of felt and some petals from felt.  You can either stack and sew the layers together or or glue them. I then sewed a button into the center.
 Here's two of my finished rosettes.  Aside from embellishments they'd be fun with pin backs added or adhered to a hair clip for a little girl.  The uses and possibilities are endless! 

Thank you once again Dollar Store!! 

I hereby issue a dollar tree fairy skirt challenge to see what you can make out of them...if you do please post a link back here we'd all love to see what you created :-) 
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  1. So very cool! Love your rosettes. Debi always finds the greatest stuff!!

  2. What darling little skirts and what terrific sparkly fabric. I hope I can find some at the Dollar Store near me. I have lots of ideas ...

  3. I've shopped every single dollar store in northern CA and all of these beauties have been sold. You could have left one or two ya know.

  4. Love it! What a great idea. I'm on a crafty flower kick right now and these are right up my alley!


  5. How adorable! If I can't find a dollar store with anything like this I just might have to head out to the fabric store!

  6. Love 'em! But, why are you limiting the hair clips to little girls (I know a not so little old lady who is thinking they'd be cool hair clips).