Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mailable Valentine & Birthday Card Canvas Panel

valen8 hbflowr
Here are two cards I've made using canvas flower panels.  One I created for Valentine's Day and the other for  a special someone's birthday.  I plan to mail these as is in the mail without envelopes.  I have mailed many things as is in the mail from shoes to tins so don't let them tell you that you can't do it.  After all if people can mail live chickens you can certainly mail a little ole canvas panel :-)
Supplies Used

Canvas Flower Panel (Can be purchased Here)

Acrylic Paints

StazOn Ink & Chalk Inks


Foam Roller or Brayer

White Paint Pen (Can be purchased Here)

Black Sharpie

Punchinella (Can be purchased Here)

PYMII (Can be purchased Here)
    Using the foam roller roll on your paint or you can use a paint brush.
    Once piece is completely dry using StazOn ink stamp  your message on to flower panel. 
    Add color to help pop your piece using chalk inks around the edges.
    To add more depth stamp through Punchinella, stencils or doilies using chalk inks.
    Turn flower panel over and add your addresses using a black sharpie pen.
    Seal & protect the entire piece using the awesome PYMII.


    1. I always enjoy your tutorials. And, I bet you make a lot of post office workers smile.

    2. What a cool project. I bet you make the postal workers smile too! They probably never know what to expect from you!

    3. About 10 years ago or less I bought some craft paint with the name of Aleene's on them. I bought all I could get. Is this your brand and is it still available. It is the best paint I've ever used. thank you Diane