Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Altered Shoes, Clown Shoes or Fairy Shoes.... You decide...

  I couldn't resist coloring my plain ole white tennies using my new Neon Color Mists! Here's a funny I have to share....After I had colored & sealed them I had them sitting on my table outside drying, and I caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye from the immediate thought was WOW what are those bright things out there Ohh cr** those are my shoes!!! Wow they are way brighter in the daylight then they looked....OMG!! its official I have my very own clown shoes Fairy Shoes! LOL  

I had previously washed my shoes in the washer and dryer so I was ready to mist away on my shoes!  It can be pretty messy so I made sure I put  paper down (I save the paper for after so I can use it for other projects like backgrounds). It took a lot of layers and using the heat gun in between each layer to get them to this point. Patience is needed at this point.  When they were fully dry I then sealed them with PYM II since PYM  makes things waterproof its perfect for my Color Mists.   Have I mentioned how much I love PYM II, I use it on everything!

I was still contemplating adding something else 
to help tone the shoes down and I finally decided to use Krylon's black spray webbing and then I
sealed them again with  PYM II

 Now I'm happy with them :-)

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  1. Fairy Flight Shoes! So the fairies can be spotted in the dark!! Hee Hee! Sharon

  2. these are not clown shoes....and I think it is wonderful that someone else thinks they are fairy shoes...cuz that is exactly what I thought! That makes it so. Ya know?

  3. Only you would think of this! You will be easy to spot in your fairy shoes.

  4. Yes, you know I'd like the black on them! Makes the color pop even more in my opinion. I want to see them on your feet though!

  5. Thank you so much for giving me an idea of what to do with the scruffed and dirty tennis shoes littering my closet!

  6. Am I the only one who's going to say clown shoes? But switch out the black and white checkered shoestrings for purple and you've definitely got fancy fairy feet :-)

  7. I agree with Eileen about the black and white checked shoestrings...but the shoes??? Definately fairy shoes. Now tell me, Ai, after almost a year, how are they holding up?