Thursday, January 21, 2010


ATC Crown Swap
Image used: People of Interest Collage Sheet
Silver Crowns: Large Silver Crowns

Boy was I proud of myself for being ahead of the game with my swaps that I had signed up for. I not only got my swaps done on time, which I normally do, but I was a month or more ahead of schedule because I didn't want to feel overwhelmed with the holidays.....or perhaps it was a premonition that I was going to get sick. I was even jokingly called an over-achiever for getting my stuff done early! Well guess what I have egg on my face! Yep, I forgot a swap that I had signed up for it! I didn't write it down and then being sick it was totally out of my head until I received an email from the host. Not only did I forget, I am shamefully late! My once untarnished reputation has taken a hit and I am duly embarrassed! Thankfully Su the host has been quite understanding and is awaiting my above ATCs!

My lesson learned....write it down!!

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  1. LOL...glad to hear you are human...I like your ATC's too...

  2. Well, at least you made really cool ATDs for the swap.

  3. I also am glad to know you are human. I have become so scatterbrained! Well, you got them done, and they are very cool.