Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Altered Bingo Board

Step into the wayback machine (10 points if you can name the show that's from) and visit a past post (HERE) where I show my technique on using Gouache (pronounced Gwash) paints to colorize black and white images. If you look closely you can see these lovely ladies in the background that I had originally painted using the gouache paints. Now jump back in the wayback machine to present time and here you are with the above piece. I originally had added my colorized ladies to an altered vintage bingo board, but then was at a loss, thus it sat around ever since not knowing what else to add to finish the piece. Then BINGO the right wording I wanted to use came to me and I added that along with a glass half marble (hard to tell in the picture, but its magnifying the bird nest she's holding) and a chain to finish it off. This goes back to what I've said in the past...never give up hope on a project nor be discouraged because the right thing will eventually come along. Yes, I admit it can be frustrating, but that's why I work on more then one project at a time. I've learned to trust and have patience and not try and push it.

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  1. Now I remember why I bought a set of
    Gouache paints. They're sitting here for quite some time and I didn't have a clue why I had them. That tutorial was great. I love what you did with the ladies on the bingo card.

  2. Rocky and Bullwinkle's Mr Peabody! The card is lovely and definitely worth waiting for.