Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the New Year!

A New Year. . .

Happy New Years blog friends!
I really don't do resolutions though this past year I had hoped to do more journaling...I tried honest! I did some, and then found it really isn't just can't force it and you know's okay :-) When I was a little kid all my friends had favorite stuffed animals they slept with....I thought maybe there was something wrong me because I didn't have one, so I became set on a mission to make myself have a favorite stuffed animal. Well as you can probably guess it didn't happen, you just can't force something like that and it's okay. I think sometimes when everyone is jumping on one art wagon or another we all think we have to hop on too and if we don't there's something wrong with us, but nope there isn't....I just dance to a different art drummer thenjournaling . That doesn't mean I won't do more its just not something that I'm compelled to do all the time like some people are and guess's okay :-)

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I used in the above digital piece.
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  1. Aileen, I, too, have tried journaling and found that it isn't me. I think all my art work is a journal of sorts. Happy New Year!

  2. I agree completely. We really need to follow our own muses and not the crowd.

    Lovely postcard!